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CG nuts

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yep, this is quite normal.

I used to have a mini, where if you were listening to tape (casette omg!) while driving - if you stopped at the lights, it would slow down ever so slightly. it was a source of constant amusement for my friends!

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Sorry mate, I was laughing when I read this thread. BonnieBird's daughter has an old CG125......and the lights go from faint yellow glow on tickover to "look, I can nearly see the road" when revved.... :lol: :lol: Pitiful is an understatement for CG lights...... :lol:

Anyway....yes the will get "brighter" when you rev the engine..... :wink:

A mate of mine had an old car back in the day that the windscreen wipers got faster as the engine revs rose....... :lol:

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