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A Bit of Advice please?

Guest connorburton96

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Hi, im new to the forum so sorry if i do something wrong.

im 16 at the minuite and 17 in march, i know about the new licence requirements. Can i take my theroy test now? that way its one less test to do on/around my birthday, the reason im so desprate to do my tests is 1. i want to ditch the L plates which i can with a full A1 licence and 2. i have to have a full A1 licence for 2 years before i can do my A2 test so i dont want to be riding round for say an extra 6 months on a 125 if i dont have to.

Thanks for any answers,

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I don't know for sure mate....but you'll need a license. Now, as you can ride mopeds from 16 years I'm guessing that license would be good for the Theory test....but I would phone the test centre to make sure first if I were you..... :)

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Just be careful of the timing Connor, its good that you are keen! The theory test is like the CBT and valid for 2 years - so you have 2 years from the date of issue to take your full bike test. It'll be a bugger if you miss out by a few weeks due to your age and end up with an expired theory test - though for now it only cost £31, its £31 you could put towards something else, and in a couple of years will probably cost fifty quid! If you are aiming to take your bike test when you are 19, aim to do your theory test in March then it won't have expired. You can always revise for a few weeks and take some mock tests on the internet to prepare. :wink:

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