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SO I couldnt get the flywheel off with the hammer and flat screwdriver method - I will wait till the flywheel puller arrives -



There is some strange hard stuff around the edges of the magnets, like someone has tried to re enforce them - but half of it has chipped off (and presumably been eaten by the engine!) Should I remove the rest of it?

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Never heard of the hammer and flat screwdriver method? When I remove a flywheel or rotor, I stop the crank from turning and then undo the bolt and remove it. I then screw the flywheel puller outer thread into the flywheel and then screw the puller centre bolt in until it is very tight against the end of the crank. I then hit the centre bolt with a lump hammer and it usually falls off the crank. If it doesn''t, I hire a hydraulic puller and repeat the process. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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