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ride in the snow


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Just been out for a ride in the snow, noticed it most on my neck, virtually froze up!

My bike lives on the drive under a bike cover (which is crap as it keeps blowing off) so last couple of days bike has been exposed to the weather, it started fine this morning but noticed the right indicator is not working now, I guess it may be just the damp and hopefully it will dry out but if not what could it be?


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Are the others flashing faster?

My guess would be the same as yours. Take the bulb out, dry it all out and make sure the bulb contacts are clean. Try that, if not, it's probably damp in the switch on the bars. You can either squirt some wd40 into the switch unit through one of the little holes or take the switch unit apart and dry it out. If you're doing that, you may as well buy a small tube of contact grease and grease all the connections in there. Good for weather proofing.

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I had a similar problem with mine before christmas, the indicators would only work sporadically and sometimes not at all. got home and tested the hazard lights and they worked fine, all bulbs flashed so figured it was damp in the indicator switch. sprayed some GT85 in there and the weather stayed relatively dry and it sorted itself out after a few days.

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