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hi new to here!

Guest nurseyvxr

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hi im new to here, so sorry if this has been asked! after having a couple 50s 125s and being on countless 400s 500s 600s etc as a pillion and riding on private roads I decided I want to do my test, I wanted to do it before the changes but due to other commitments couldn't get the money together in time so being 21 I will only be able to get a a2 restricted license if im correct?.. if that is the case iv read around that for the test the bike must :-

be a solo motorcycle

be at least 395cc

be between 25kW and 35kW engine power

have a power to weight ratio no more than 0.2kW/kg

If the engine power of the motorcycle has been restricted to fit sub-category A2, the normal unrestricted power can’t be more than double its new restricted power.

obviously not every bike restricted falls into the 'weight ratio' and 'double its new power' categories. are these criteria just for the bike that you use on the test or does it also count for the bike youll own? I know I could only ride a bike that is restricted to under 35kw but do the 'weight' and 'double its new power' rules count after test is complete for example a bike of say 80kw power and weight of 170kg is obviously more powerful than double the max restricted kw? would it be possible to ride a bike like the cbr600f4i restricted to 35kw which is less than half the original power after test is completed on another bike meeting all the criteria? all the info I find says "Sub-category A2 motorcycles USED FOR TESTS must follow above criteria" but doesn't say riders are limited to only ride the hand full of bikes in above categories after test is complete? any info is much appreciated. :)

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Yes the rules for test apply after you pass.

If you have a look on motorcycle news I think they have a list of bikes reccomended for restriction also the manufacturers have launched a range of smaller cc bikes (eg the new 300cc ninja) to appeal to those on restricted licenses

Why not drop a post in the newbies thread and introduce yourself? :D

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that's a shame for me, had my eye on a cbr600f4 :( couldn't find the specs but I presumes its similar to the cbr600f4i which I work out to be too much by what you say?...

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