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Ignition barrel for YBR 125


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After getting the bike out of the pound and back home I'm now starting to look at or for new parts for the bike.

The parts list includes:

1) Ignition barrel 05-08 with keys

2) New side pannels 05-08 (One to cover the battery)

3) New vents (The ones under the fuel tank)

4) New rear brake pads (For drum)

5) New casing for spedo, fuel and rev clocks

6) Probably a new battery

7) New spark plug (Cheap enough down Halfords)

The main thing in the list which I need to get is a new igntion barrel with keys for my YBR. I have looked on Ebay and have found one for £75 though I'm not sure for what year of YBR it's for as it doesn't say in the description.

My main objective right now is to try and get the bike started and running, if I can get it running then I can rule out the option of scrapping it.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any good websites where I can get a new ignotion barrel from, other than Ebay?

I must admit I don't trust Ebay to begin with so wouldn't take any chances of buying anything from it without first looking around.

Have checked on Google and have found some cheaper but they are for 05-06 models, and I don't really want to be buying the wrong one now do I?.

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Is there a Yamaha parts website where you can look up parts? Trouble is then that you need to know VIN changes.......hmmmm.....may need a bit of investigation.

Do you have a Haynes manual for the bike?.....coz that'll have wiring diagrams in it and any changes associated with different VIN models. Wouldn't have thought that there would be too many changes for YBR's..... :)

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Cheers guys, checked out both sites. The cheaper one on Ebay I'd probably go for but then, I'm going to ask around the local supply shops first and go down to JT's to see how much they sell them for before making a decision.

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