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its up to you there is no rule that says you need have any i didnt on my gsx 1100 fighter but if i done another one i would fit neutral light and oil light for peace of mind,if you are fitting indicators on the bike just make sure that you remeber to turn them off unless they self cancel i was forever leaving mine on

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I would double check on that as I know the MOT law has just changed for cars and idiot lights whether it affects bikes is a different thing and whether its one of those "if its fitted it must work" rules is a different matter too

worth looking it up IMO

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if indicators are fitted they must work but as far as im aware there doesnt have to be a warning light fitted on dash same for high beam neutral oil and any others that may be fitted it up to rider to be aware,failing that if you are fitting custom mini clocks on to the bike then you can get the speedo with all the leds bult in for warnings just need to connect them up

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