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Spada System One piece textile suit

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Hi there.

http://www.spadaclothing.co.uk/productd ... Black/Grey

Price £199.95

I just got one of these as I want to be able to commute in the grim weather as it is a lot cheaper to run my bike than my car. Have to say, absolutely impressed after 3 days riding in the rain, it is comfortable, warm, easy to get into and so thick and well made I think it will be good if I have an off.

I was basically looking for ease of use, I have gone for a big size so i can put my work clothes on and then just slip this on over the top. I don't need to change clothes at work. I can fit my fleece underneath it, but amazingly I have found that just a t shirt underneath is plenty warm enough even on a frosty morning. I don't know what it will be like with the zip out lining out, but I have not really bought it for warm weather, I will just wear shorts and t shirt under my leathers in the summer. I expect it would be good for long distance, like up to the rally though as it really is waterproof. I am expecting the waterproofness to last well as I have had spada gear before and it was totally waterproof for months.

The legs unzip right up to the knee so you can either put boots on first or just swing the whole lower leg away to make it easy to get boots onafterwards (I don't want to drag wet boots through the suit).

Plenty of pockets on the outside that are waterproof. tightening straps and poppers all over to make it snugger if you like.

There is no one doing it cheap, they are the SRP wherever you look online, but my local superbikes ordered me the right size for me to try on first and then knocked £20 off too, so it always pays to bargain.

The only thing I am going to do is add some tassles to the wrist zips so you can do them up with gloves on as the sleeves are hard to tuck gloves into after they are zipped, meaning you have to get gloves on and then tuck them up inside the sleeves, this is no problem except the zip is quite small so hard to grip with gloved hands.

Bonus I found last night, there is a card with the suit asking you to register it online for extra warranty, and if you do (for free) they offer an extra 12 months warranty so it has 24 months in total for free.

Genuinely can't recommend this suit enough, I am finding it as comfy as my leathers, it has corrugated knee patches so shapes to you on the bike perfectly.


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er.... that's a bit personal!

The sizing is quite roomy though, I am a 42" waist, 50" chest and 6' tall, a 3xl is roomy enough for normal clothes and even a fleece underneath, the legs are slightly long but only by half inch, it is a big ole thing though! I can physically get into an XL but not do the zip up, an XXL fits, but not with room for more than t shirt underneath.

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Lol - sorry didn't mean to pry!

Couldn't see any sizing info on the website (other than just M, L etc) so thought I'd ask to get an idea. I'm 5'11, 32" waist and 40" chest, I seem to range between an S and an XL depending on where I get stuff :s

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Ordered one!

Actually, I've ordered 2 lol - one M and one L - I hate buying stuff online, deciding I want to try the size smaller/larger, sending it back, then finding I actually preferred the other size after all..... This way I try both back to back and decide. (Then find I want an XL anyway)

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Ok, coming soon is a review of their warranty procedures. I have had a leg zip go after 6 months of daily use, so it will be going back to the stealers tomorrow to be sent back for inspection/repair/replacement.

Really hoping they sort it, can't wear it anymore as the zip goes above the knee so is safety critical. I'll let you know what their service is like!

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Shop were brilliant, but the replacement suit took 7 weeks to arrive. I wore it for a week and it that week both the wrist zips broke, and the main front zip was sown with a bulge at the bottom so it was really hard to start it off when doing it up.

All the zips felt very rough and I was extremely disappointed.

Took it back to south wales superbikes this morning and they were very good, could see why I was not happy and have given me a full credit which I have spent on a set of weiss jacket and trousers. Very strange new material, is a new type of cordura which is very soft, but has the same strength as the thick stuff. Well, we'll see how it goes anyway, unfrotunately cost me another £95 on top of the original price to go to jacket and trousers but I wasn't prepared to wait another 6 weeks for a replacement then find that was no good either.

I would say Spada are scrimping on the quality of their components and I would avoid them now. My new one was no where near as well built as the original one from 8 months ago.

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I have a pair of spada gloves that I bought a few years back, they were ok. Shame to hear about your suit. But at the same time, it is good to hear an honest review. Weise is really good gear from what I hear so I'm sure you'll be fine!

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