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DAS on 5th march

Guest lukebolger

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Hey guys

I have my DAS booked for 5-7th march with west pennine training.

Im not worried about the CBT, that will be a breeze, but module two gets me worried - from what Ive read they can fail you for quite normal things, like slight hesitation (i am a very cautious driver) and stopping to let elderly people cross if they are waiting at a crossing.

What's your best advice for me?

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I'm real nervous. I predict ill fail. Just like my car test, failed twice. I get so nervous and it falls apart


Make sure you tell your instructor about your nerves from the off. He is trained to deal with it and should be able to help you overcome the nerves.

Come test day, just treat the test like any other ride. Enjoy it.

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Hi, my advice is try not to worry if you fail you can always do it again its not the end of the world, but just enjoy yourself and remember head checks, they aren't looking to fail you they just want to make sure your riding is safe and your not a danger to other road users, good luck

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You hear all sorts of horror stories when you look at doing a test, like 'they will fail you for blinking twice in a five second period' or 'they will fail you for not running over old ladies'

If you stop in the middle of the road to wave old ladies across you will be obstructing the highway, so will probably fail, if you stop because they are halfway across or waiting at a zebra crossing then you are in compliance with the law and will pass.

Personal, fairly recent experience tells me that they are pretty damn good, all they want, is to see you ride safely in a number of different situations.

A 'slight' hesitation at a roundabout or while your brain processes which lane you should be in etc will not fail you. I know this because I did both on my test. It is natural for you to ride differently than you normally would while being tested, you are trying to show how safe and good you are and that makes you hesitate a bit or even sometimes make the wrong decision. They know this and won't leap on the first minor thing they see and use it as an excuse to fail you, from what I saw they certainly are not looking to fail people.

Just remember, the last person who had your bike sat at home waiting for them to come back from MOD 2, passed :) (and I thought I had failed when I got off the bike, I had a massive list in my head of major f@£k ups I had made, 1 of them was written up as a minor, 2 others were mentioned but not worth putting on the paperwork, the rest were not even mentioned)

Good luck :)

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take it easy and try not to let your self get wound up about it, a lot easier said than done i know :?

a few things to remember !

the examiner is a biker, they want to see as many safe riders on the road as possible , they aren't there to catch your out , they just want to see a confident safe ride!

the examiner cant see your every move , on my test (only last year) i went into the wrong gear a few times and did hesitate at a roundabout for a sec or two , he didnt even mention it after my test!

ride for yourself and try to forget they are following, that means if you can pull out of a junction/roundabout safely but you know the examiner behind wont make it just pull out and make your way in the direction told to you by the examiner, not pulling out to allow the examiner to go with you will be seen as hesitation

always recheck you have cancelled your turn signals after use (that was my personal bug bare i was forever checking and re checking my signal were off)

google your the test routes for your test centre , familiarity with the routes is one less thing to worry about

all basic suck egg stuff , but that feeling after you pass on the 7th will be worth the stress and cost of it all

good luck pal!

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thanks guys!

Problem is - my test is in Blackburn - I have never been there in my life! Its a hour and a half train ride to get there from where I live.

Yea I should have chose someone more local but the local guy wanted £800-850 for the DAS - and they did it including the CBT for £450!

I'll just try and get a lot of sleep and be on form.

I guess because I have a bike waiting to be ridden I have put more pressure on myself :D

But I couldnt resits - it was an epic bike :D

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