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Random clutch event, any suggestions at all welcome


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Right, so my MOT was booked, warmed her up, clutch in, first gear, stalls immediately. Start her up, same thing again. Try starting it in gear with the clutch down and she's kagarooing on the starter motor.

Phone garage, bit embarressing but I think my clutch cable may have snapped (first thing I thought of).

Front sprocket cover off to reveal twisty push rod actuator. Cable clearly intact, push rod not bent and in place. Cover back on, lots of swearing.

One more time with feeling, fired her up and all acted as it should except the clutch is adjusted a bit far out for my liking.

The clutch worked FINE about 5 days ago, check it extensively before my ride to the MOT.

Any idea at all what might have changed? Is it possible just one pair of plates got stuck for some reason? All I can think of.

Took it for a quick run round the block, all was normal but the clutch does need adjusting, bite point is very late.

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So, the clutch is NOT disengaging when you pull the lever in? Adjust cable for max disengagement and try again. If not, put bike on centre or paddock stand, start engine, put bike in gear, rev up and get wheel spinning as fast as possible, pull clutch in and stamp on the back brake. That should free it!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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