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Drum brakes


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I'm trying to overhaul the front drum brakes on my daughter's CG 125. The actuating mechanism was worn and now, over the winter, the front wheel is locked. I've removed the wheel but the hub is solid and I can't remove it from the wheel - according to the Haynes manual it should lift out.

I've tried a bit of 'gentle persuasion' and leverage but am I being too 'gentle'?

I have a 'new' hub from fleabay including shoes and pads so I'm not too worried about damaging the hub but obviously not the wheel.

Any suggestions?

Nb. Bob (Tango's) stuck at work so I thought I'd ask on here although dark and snow has put a halt to things anyway

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Remove brake cable or rod. Remove wheel with hub. Bang lever both ways with a hammer to shock it into the fully off position. Turn hub as you try to pull it out of wheel. It's probably worn the brake drum into a groove so that you can;t withdraw the hub. If you pull it hard enough while turning it, it should either pull one shoe out or lever off both shoes. :mrgreen: You could also try removing the lever from the shaft and tap the shaft inwards as you pull the hub off.

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I'll try again tomorrow. The splines on the shaft and lever are very worn and the lever came loose while I was removing it. If I can get it fixed back on again I may be able to use it to move the shoes a bit. Fortunately the 'new' hub looks to be in much better condition.....if only I can get the old one off :roll:

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Probably a ridge on the outside edge of the braking surface. You need to get the shoes as close together as possible and just pull the hub off . Sometimes if you tap the actuator shaft into the wheel as you pull the hub off, you can leave the shoes behind ??? :mrgreen:

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