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good torque setting for an oil filter cover?


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does anyone know a good torque setting for them? I know that they are notorious for cracking if over tightened but at the same point I dont want the bolts to work free and spray hot oil over my leg :shock:

I have the service manual for my bike but there is no mention of torque settings for the cap.

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cheers for that, does it generally work that way, i.e. m8 = 8 pounds m10 = 10 pounds etc



A lot of it depends on the meterial you or bolting in to and what your bolting up

As a rough idea my clutch cover only needs 6lb and so does my fuel pump!

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I have undone bolts held in with too much Threadlock and they were very difficult to remove and some M6 bolts either pulled out the allot thread or snapped. I won't use it. Silicone does the job for me. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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ouch! I know there are some kinds of threadlock which are meant to be pretty much permanent (green one or red one?) but didnt think it would grab on enough to strip threads :shock:

think I'll use silicone too!! :mrgreen:

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