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Bandit RPM


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Hi All

Sorting a few bits on bandit.

One other thing i noticed is the rpm takes a long time to come down. i rev the engine and it doesnt return to idle as quick as it should. also after riding for a bit...i could be sat at the traffic lights and the engine is idling at a higher count than normal...

Any ideas?

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Sounds like the tickover has been set too high? When the bikes full warmed up just adjust the idle screw to the correct tickover.

I can't remember if its the same on the MK1 but on the MK2 this is the one to adjust idle.


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or carbs out of balance wrong jets in the carbs air leak etc etc

set the idle after a good ride to see if it helps if not then start with the easy stuff

check to make sure the inlet rubbers arent sucking in air then balance the carbs up

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You can also spray WD-40 on the carb rubbers with the engine running, if that makes a difference you've got an air leak. could just be tightening a clamp up!

Start with your idle screw setting though, I set mine in the garden when the bike wasn't properly warm, got to the MOT place and it was ticking over at 3000rpm, I subtly reached under the tank and screwed it down a smidge. Not sure its an MOT failure but it doesn't look good!

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First check that the throttle snaps shut when you go to close it. If not, check the twist grip and cables for free movement after that then the linkages and return springs on the carbs themselves. If it was ok before, l susspect that the throttle control system has dried up and needs to be re lubricated.

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