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kawasaki el 125 - engine dies when headlight is on!


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Pretty much as the topic states. I can start and ride the bike with no problems, until or unless the headlight is on. When starting, if the light is on the engine starts then immediately cuts out. If you switch the light on while the bike is already running, the engine dies immediately.

This first happened about a week ago, after a couple days/nights of snow.

That time, I took it to a local garage and they told me the next day it had been some wiring. They didn't eloborate or say where, and thinking the problem resolved I didn't ask.

It happened again this evening, just as I was about to ride into work for a night shift.

My guess is a short, or a bad earth (one causing the other?), but my mechanical knowledge is very near zero.

If I try to follow the wiring from the headlight, do you think I will be able to easily see the cause if this? ie, some worn wiring witb possible exposed copper that some electrical tape will fix (if temporarily?).

If not, do I have a case to call the garage and get them to fix it again, free of charge?

If it's exposure causing it, due to not having a cover despite some pretty bad weather (i have a cover but it's in the boot of a friends car and he's being difficult getting it back to me), then it's really my fault, not theirs, although I wouldn't necessarily admit that to them!

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Yep sounds like a short to me, as you say, check the wiring back from the headlight. I expect it's rubbing somewhere around the headstock area and it's worn through the insulation :thumb:

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It could be a short, but normally that would take out a fuse, thats if the correct fuse is fitted?! Sounds more like a poor electrical connection - a high resistive joint. Is there a battery fitted if so, is it ok and holding its charge? I would clean and check the battery connection and earth straps, open up any connector blocks and check to see that the pins and sockets are clean, put back together with a good spray of WD40 also give the switch gear a good spray. This manky damp weather will be the cause of it.

Hope your soon sorted.

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Does the headlight actually light up? If it comes on Dimly how's the battery charge? If the bike isn't charging the battery the extra load of the light could drop the voltage enough to stop the plug from sparking. Garage could have charged your battery and sent you on your way....and now the charge is dropping in the battery the problem is back.......just a thought..... :wink:

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Yepp it could be either or..

Could be a short, But like stated, Should of really popped a fuse if it was a short.

But id more than likely place my bets on what Tango said..

Battery could be naff, and sucking everything to power the light.. In simple terms..

Give your battery a good charge, and perhaps put it on a load test, if possible..

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