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Help Needed!

The Vulcan

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Hey all!

I was riding on my YBR 125 the other day and I stoped off, when I tried to start her up again to continue my journey the electric start would click and almost kill the lights (headlight and gauge lights), however the kick start worked and I carried on, whilst I was riding the RPM gauge was going nuts(rapidly up and down) and eventually the bike died totally, after 10 mins the kickstart worked again but it died after 2-3 mins.

The RAC got there and after putting jump leads onto the battery itself came to the conclusion that it was probably a faulty regulator.

We(me and my girlfriend) have ohoned around a few garages and they are all saying that probably isnt the case as its not a regular fault on the YBR.

I just want to know if anyone can help me in finding a cause for the problem as im sick of push biking to work and wanna get my motorbike back up to servicable condition.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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Its either an old battery which needs replacing as it cant hold much charge, or its the reg, as the RAC man said.

...Thinking my answer through, even if the battery couldn't hold much charge, it shouldn't cut out unless the bike has a faulty reg, so yea. I would side with the RAC on this one.

Out of interest what the hell do the garages say it is?

Just because its not a common problem doesn't mean its not a problem... Strange

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