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Indicator flashes

Guest petrolhead1989

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Hi guys

Just more of a double check here more than anything, to be on the safe side..

OK, bought a full set of LED indicators for my bike, Fitted them earlier, With the stock Relay..

I timed the indicators to flash 91 times in 1 minute.. This is still MOT legal isnt it?

I think MOT requirements are 60 - 120 flashes per minute..

If so, changing the relay isnt needed :D saves me a tenner or so :D


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If it looks right to you then I wouldn't worry too much about it. As long as it's not doing the double flash such as when a bulbs out you should be fine.

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If your bike is the one in your signature, it'll have an electronic relay anyway. Most bikes made since 2009 have them fitted as standard. Not many people know that so they still buy an expensive relay for LED indicators when they don't need to :lol:

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