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Water from vent tube

Smokin Joe

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Last two rides I've done I've had a little pool of water dripping from underneath the bike (GPZ500). It's coming from a vent tube that exits by the centre stand, definately not the fuel tank breather or the crankcase breather so I suspect it's from the newish battery. It stops as soon as I switch off.

It is just water and nowt else, any ideas?

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its hard to say what it is without seeing it

it could be the overflow for your coolant

trace the pipe and see where it leads to


Now funny enough it does look like coolant, though the level isn't dropping and temperature is ok. I didn't realise the system had an overflow tube. I did overfill it last week but syphoned the excess out straight away.

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I'd go with coolant overflow too......had this on my Speed 4 when I had it......even though it was only filled to the upper level the liquid expands with heat and some comes down the overflow..... :wink:

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smell it! has it got a smell to it? If so, its not water.

put some water on it, does it have a film which gives a rainbow effect? If so, its not water

knowing what it is and/or where it comes from are really the only ways of knowing how to deal with it.

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