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Crankcase wont split :(


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Hi guys, I know I constantly harp on about random cr*p but I need help again;

I've taken everything from the right side of the engine off and all the bolts but my crankcase still wont open! It's starting to bug me and I know I've left something stupid out :(



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Hi guys several cuts, bruises and a cr*p load of swear words later I got it off and the crankcase dropped apart and everything fell everywhere I'm severely p*ssed off and should have read the manual first about telling me to take the flywheel off first then the cogs around the side..

God damn my ignorance...

After about an hour of scanning the room I found everything...

I've put them all in a bowl and going to do it tomorrow after I've calmed down and had a good sleep :D

P:S the piston has destroyed itself again but this time to a whole new level I'll upload it to my 'Peugeot XR6 Restoration...' thread tomorrow... Thanks a lot guys :)

Top Tip: Best to do it following the manual and with proper tools =p Learned the hard way :evil:

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Could be something behind that "large cog", starter ring gear/alternator rotor ? Take it off and find out? Get a photo of what's behind it ?

Didn't see your post, it's a stator by the way :) I assume as all but one wire from it go to the CDI it produces electric for the spark?

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