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FZ6 2004 - squeak?


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Hi Guys

Picked up the new bike today :D Didnt take long to make my way into pitstop haha

Lets not discuss the fact that after I'd commented on the battery being nearly flat (indicators didnt work at first but came to life afte a few revs on the throttle), the seller then switched it off and then had to get a bump, 4 times (everytime I stopped it would cut out again!), but after decent ride for half an hour keeping the revs up a bit, thats stopped (fingers crossed the battery isnt ruined and it starts tomorrow!)

What I have noticed though is when I'm riding slowly (sub 12mph) and probably faster but I can't hear it, I think the front wheel squeaks.

Not a constant squeak, a squeak per rotation, so it gets faster as I do more mph before the wind drowns it out.

I have not got a centre stand (picking up paddock stand in the morning) so I couldnt get a proper look today, but just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas? I was thinking possibly a warped diisc? The front disc is pretty new and the brakes are very sharp and kick on as soon as you hit the lever. As the bikes been underused a bit, I wasn't sure if it just needs a good brake or two to clear any rubbish, but I havent had the need, space, balls, or speed to really get the front brake going hard - I'm not overly inclined to yet either, it took me all day to get back into counter steering I was so nervous :oops:

Other thought was possible front bearings on the blink. Doesnt seem to be unstable at any point, just a bit annoying. Its MOT is up next month so I'm tempted to put it in for that and ask them too have a look, but I'd rather do it myself if I can (and not get ripped off)

Thoughts + tips for what to look for gratefully received! :cheers:

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I agree with Stu....it could be the pistons in the calipers a little sticky from underuse.......they may also be a bit dirty......or there could be a stone or some cr*p in there that a good cleanup would sort.... :wink:

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ok thats just odd, you're the second person to say the cat whos got the cream when they've seen that pic haha

The chain looks underused too so I'm giving that a few more miles then going to hit it with some parafin then re-oil, will give it a full service in a few weeks. Its MOT is due next month but might get it in early as I start my new job in a week and won't be able to get time off. Its done 500 miles in 3 years, so I think it just needs a bit of TLC aka a good thrashing haha

Yeah I'm well chuffed, I originally wanted a faired version but now I've got the naked, I'm glad I got it

Well, with snow for 2 days and no work, I can see my toothbrush being recycled as a way to reach those awkward spots and the bike getting one hell of a good clean out and ACF50

I say if the jobs worth doing, do it right, my mates say I go OCD on my vehicles :D

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