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Carb Breather Pipes... on the cheap!


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Need some new carb breather pipes for my KTM. dont fancy paying loads of money for OEM, and was in Halfrauds today and saw 2.4metres of Nylon Washer Tubing for £1.99. Bargain!

Now, does anyone know if "Clear Nylon Washer Tube" (intended for windscreen squirters) will be ok for carb breather pipes?? or will the fuel/oil mess it up???

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They will either go hard with the fuel vapour or soft with the heat. :mrgreen:


Yep, those were my concerns too..



personally I wouldnt use them

get in ebay and have a look on there for some vacuum hose that will be oil and fuel resistant


yep, been looking.. not finding anything i like.. ideally wanted clear pipes, or slightly pink tinted like the OEM pipes.

Closest i can find is RC model Plane/heli fuel pipe. Thats made of silicone (as opposed to nylon like the washer tube) so shouldn't go brittle. its designed to take Glow-Fuel, not Petrol though...

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Isn't glow fuel Nitro methane and methanol? Best stick to black thick wall tube that won't block up for breathers.? :mrgreen:


yep think its mixture of oil and nitro-something!

Wanted clear pipes so i could see if any crap went up them..

Lots of coloured (expensive) breather pipe on eBay, but not much clear :(

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how about a length of black hose off the carbs away from all the heat then clear?


Not sure how much heat is there..

Here is a pic that shows the OEM style breathers:


but im not paying 30quid for plastic tubes!! LOL

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feck me how much pipe!!! :lol:


I know, its mental!! pipes everywhere!! and they all dangle down really low too..

funny things these dirtbikes... not like sportsbikes!! lol

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as they are breathers and overflows the only time they should ever have any fuel in them is when the bike is on its side which you are not planning to do very often


LOL, you have more faith in my riding skills than i have!! :lol:

its an off road enduro bike (KTM300 EXC) so as much as i would like to think it wont be on its side much, in reality, its probably going to spend most of its time upside down, on its side, bouncing off trees and submerged in mud and water.



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