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Advanced Training

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Hi everyone.

Been looking into doing some advanced training, Mainly to lower my insurance. Seen a few different options and im not sure whats best. The training centre I did my Mod 1 and 2 with offer an advanced session, seems like its mainly focused on road positioning for corners and junctions.

There is also bike safe with the police not far from where I live. I noticed that afterwards they give you a voucher for institute of advanced motorists training, giving me the impression that the IAM is the next step up. I would rather just do one of them for now.

bike safe and IAM both award certificates which lower my insurance. The training centre also offer a certificate but doesnt seem to be worth much for insurers.

For the IAM it seems I would have to pay a year membership fee. Is bike safe just a one off?

Anyone have experience with either of these?


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i also was in doubt and decided to go wiht IAM, as 1) being an IAM member (without passing the test) already reduced my insurance on comparethemarket; 2) one year free rac recovery membership

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Good to know it had an effect on your insurance.

On there website it says, As a member of the IAM you are also entitled to a great range of benefits and exclusive offers to help you get the most from your riding.

Any idea what these benefits are?

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i think they are talking about RAC promotional offer and they have IAMSurety insurance but their quote was not competitive at all for me. but you can try. not sure if there is anything else, did not investigate a lot

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bike safe is a one off , ( well one at a time anyway, ive done it but have another booked for this year)

performance plus is also very useful...no idea about the insurance aspect, for me its about improving as a rider...if theres an insursnce benefit then thats a bonus.

havnt got round to IAM yet but hear very good things and fully intend to do that at some point

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I know what you mean about developing skills should be a priority. but as a 22 year old male with a 660cc bike, insurance is a complete scam. Must have mug written all over me because they know im still willing to pay so I can get to work and enjoy one of my hobbys.

anything that can ease the dent in my bank account each year would be great.

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