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Gilera SC125 advice

Guest Zalera

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Hey guys,

My Gilera has developed a problem with its rear brake, as in it just wont work anymore. As far as I'm aware, it will most likely require a caliper rebuild. I've been advised by a garage to source the parts second hand in order to make it cheaper - however, im not sure what parts im exactly after. If theres anyone out there who knows, please share your knowledge with me :)


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Welcome to the Forum......why not pop over to the Newbies section and introduce yourself to everyone....... 8-)

In my experience it is rare for a Brake caliper to fail completely.....so most likely is that the pistons in the caliper are sticking.....which would require a rebuild with new seals.....and a thorough clean up of the pistons when they are out. It could also be the rear brake master cylinder that needs a rebuild......again with new seals and a good clean up.......this is just MHO....but could be a lot cheaper than buying new or used caliper and/or master cylinder...... :wink:

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You need part number: CM074101

This is the entire rear caliper and can be bought for £50.

Or you can spend a little less and buy the following, go to a Gilera dealer and give them these part names:

1. Rear caliper bleed nipple (they wear out quick on the little bikes)

2. Rear caliper brake seals

3. Rear caliper piston

Then, take off your rear caliper. Blow the piston out, take the seal out. Clean thoroughly with brake fluid or if done with anything else remember to wash with brake fluid afterwards. Fit the new parts soaking the new seal in the fluid before hand and on dip the piston before fitting so it slips over the seal ok.

Done :thumb:

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Thanks for the information guys!

Fozzie, a website ive visited which sells that caliper doesnt say that its compatible with the SC125 model, are you sure I'd be ok buying this for my bike?

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Only way to tell would be to look very closely at your own rear caliper and then compare it to the picture!

If it looks the same then it is very likely to be the same. As long as the mounting points are the same and its the same spec as the caliper on there then its good :thumb:

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