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2 Questions in 1. (250-600cc?) (A2 or DAS?)

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Hello all,

Il write a little bit about myself to see what you'd say would be best for my current situation.

I'm 26 - 8 years driving experience, 6 months motorbike experience. (UK here)

I commute to London ( outskirts ) which is a 60 mile round trip.

I use a Yamaha YBR 125 at the moment on A Roads

I'm not after speed but I get upset on my 125 when a little bit of wind keeps me at 55mph at MAX rev. I need to be able to hit 70-80 ( not going to speed ) but at a comfortable going.

MPG is also a big thing too for me.

:?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

SOOOO... il support this thread with lots of research , but what should I aim for between a 250 and 600cc? will a 250 do it for me without feeling like i could instal some peddals on it to get an extra 1mph in the wind? 600cc is available but I will need to restrict it if I do only the A2. Which is why i might consider the DAS.

If i restrict a 600cc to 35bhp, what happens to top speed and torque? Will it feel like im riding a heavy 250?

Im so stuck with path routes and engine sizes its just a lot to choose without being able to change my mind. And as a beginner, theres limited ways to test ride bikes and so on :(

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personally if I was you I would do the DAS it will probably cost the same as restricted anyway

you are old enough to do DAS then you have no restriction with no extra test to do if you want a bigger bike

that way you could get any bike you want be it a 250 or a 600 and not have to worry about any sort of restriction

also the rules have changed regarding restriction but cant remember what it is now as I'm really not that bothered as I passed my test 9 years ago so doesn't affect me :lol:

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On the A2 license, you can ride a bike of up to 46.6 bhp.

The bikes that have been brought out to meet the new regulations (like the CBR500 and the G650GS) are capable of around 115mph and have fairly good fuel economy and from what I've read, are fairly torque-ee throughout the rev range. So that is an option :)

Restricting a bike to 47 bhp should still let you get fairly good performance out of it, considering when people used to restrict to 33bhp, they could use motorways etc comfortably.

However, if I were you, I'd do the DAS... Why restrict your choice unless you have to?

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thank you all, looks like the focus is still to go direct with a DAS course and then just have all the choices i need.

Once ive done that, then il think bikes again :D

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I have a YBR125, which with heavy wind will sit at 62 ish. I've seen 70 not windy. Didn't push it any further. Go for the DAS route. You already have some experience so should be a good move. As others have said then you can get whatever you want and not worry about restrictions :)

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Yeah i know how you feel.

The weather has been so awful recently that its just a struggle to take my 125 any where beyond the towns i live in.

I take a route down the A10 into London ( would use motorway but cant for obvious reasons ) and its a horror when the wind blows.

All i need is patience, but when its one of your only commuting options, it places pressure on me :D ( that and i use the train over winter )

And nooooo I wont get a car haha!!! ( used an economy car on the journey before, just get stuck in traffic and spent £10.00 on petrol compared to £2.50 ! ) (( AS well as insurance, mot and road tax. BLEUGH! )) ((( AND PARKING! )))

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