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Which wire goes where?


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Hi, as the title says I need help pointing out which wire goes where, originally I thought it'd be Plus to RED and negative to BLACK but no, that'd be far to simple..

The switch has three tongues which wires can be attached too.


These are the two wires which I assume are positive and negative.


Newbie question but at least it keeps you busy :P

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whats the switch for whats the wires do?

obviously top left is earth

the + would be live

and the other could possibly be to light up the switch when lights are on or a dash light when the switch is on

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Erm, they're for neons for on my bike.. :lol:

How would I get the switch to light up when the dash lights come on?

Sorry, I don't even know where to start when it comes to wiring so I thought I'd ask this friendly bunch before I blow something up :P

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Yeah, it's got a little LED in the switch, sorry should give you more details :/

Erm, it's got a 12 volt transformer and the description says 'Each kit includes a 12V transformer box so all you will need is a 12V switch and your ready to get them installed in a position of your choice.'

So do I need to add another fuse for the dash lights? :(

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actually scrap what I have said!!!!

its probably more like this:

earth is the top left as said

live feed goes to the +

and the other terminal is the switched live to your neons

then you earth the neons to the frame/battery

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