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Workshop Build Project

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Thought Id write this up as following this will be my Yamaha FZR600 build thread.

So when I moved into my mates house it has something that resembled a garage... Unfortunately the old concrete roof was leaking thanks to moss overgrowth on the top allowing water to back track through an overlap and damage one of the beams.

This is what it looked like inside and out:

Old mattresses and crap taking up over half the space, damp floor, rotting bits and bobs.


The outer view


So firstly I addressed the leaking roof, I tried PVA glue, it didnt work, I tried expanding foam, it worked a bit and I tried waterproofer. It became apparent that the damage to the beam had made it bow a bit and as a result there was a slight dip water could pour up. So I decided to wrap the top of the roof in a tarpaulin. It's now weighed down with drainage provided and has been working well since.

This is it nearly completed, it now has metal pipes running from the top down to the bottom draining water off it and weighing it down. It is roped down on the sides into ground anchors I made up.


The next port of call was the roof on the inside, i used water proofer to seal off the asbestos roof and so I could have peace of mind. Along with expanding foam I sealed all parts where the roof overlapped.


After this I pulled everything out and cleared it all up. I then worked overtime and got the whole inside painted and reduced it so it looked like this:


Now onto powering it and lighting it properly. It just had a 30 amp cable running from a 13a fused switch in the house. The cable is able to manage much more so I uprated the fuse to a 30amp fused switch in the house, ran a new cable and fitted a new consumer unit. Here is me testing it:


I have begun converting the old cabinet in there into a bench. I have some plywood to sit on top of it to absorb any nasty blows.


I have also started fitting my new inner roof, it is properly insulated and fitted using a wooden skeleton to mount it on so it can be easily removed. It will be being painted when fully fitted.

Furthermore I have just installed another fluorescent light and have 2 more 5 foot lights to fit on the other end of the garage. But here we are today.

New lights can be seen as well as the first few panels fitted. Just 5 more to go and then some trim pieces to hide any small gaps.

I have also boarded up one of the windows and the old door, which didnt work. They had holes in them etc so were just a security risk. Better to board and paint them next week when I go for the next round. It will all merge in nicely.


Still to come:

Studded rubber flooring

A new workbench coming in modified to take some small 20w fluorescent lights to light small bits i work on

Bench vice



I will strikeout as I get them :)

This has been a good project, I've learnt a huge amount about various things. I am trained to fit consumer units and sub-1000v appliances but doing it all on my own accord is great. I love the freedom :mrgreen:

I will have more pictures by the end of the week with hopefully the completion of the roof and the working appliances so I can get started on my Yamaha project :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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This has been a good project, I've learnt a huge amount about various things. I am trained to fit consumer units and sub-1000v appliances


Erm, what part of the regs says its ok to run cables DIAGONALLY from a consumer unit??

(just kidding)

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Like I said, just testing so I used the hole knocked out already for me :thumb:

Diagonal yes, I know, I had the safe zones lectures already :lol:

Just messing with you mate :)

Im no electrician, the only reason I noticed was that I recently rewired my entire house so found myself becoming a little obsessed with the regs. Very satisfying ripping out all the ancient lead sheathed wiring and replacing with modern consumer unit and current wiring standards..

I got lots of stick from professional sparkies telling me it wasn't allowed and that I was breaking the law, but a quick call to local building control office and they agreed with me that it was fine under Part-P to rewire your own house and for a fee signed it all off :)

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What happens when you stop 'living with your mate' and have accumulated 3 tons of workshop shite?



I actually moved out a little while ago :lol:

He loves what im doing to the place and as im getting him into motorbikes I just have to pay for electricity which is pennies and I get free reign over it. They werent using it for anything else!

Joeman, I know only too well if I showed this to sparkies Id be lynched, they kick and scream :lol:

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Finished the roofing and lighting :mrgreen:

All insulated etc


Got to work cutting out more MDF, I got a cabinet to modify and use as a workbench :)


Put it against the wall, built in back board with lighting now working. Also note my new bench grinder and sockets built into the back board. Consumer unit is getting busy but nearly there now :)


Put up some shelving but reducing it down over the next few weeks


Just need to wait for my next pay check to get some flooring sorted and it's all done basically. Going to modify that other bench the same way and build in some lighting for it too, that way I will have a nice, level working area with bikes near it. It's turning into a proper little den now

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  • 3 months later...

you're making better progress than i am!! :oops:

But this thread inspired me to get out and have a tidy up today. I managed to get the rest of the batons on the wall ready to spray-foam and overboard with OSB - i'll get there eventually :)

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Whoa... I cant believe the garage looked like that :shock:

Forgot this thread tbh!!!

Im away up north at the moment. Looking after things while the family are away on holiday, so cant upload a new photo. But using this picture:


The excess wooden panels leaning on the right wall are all gone and used properly, so a lot more space, I've got rid of the junk seen in the back left corner and extended the work benches, fitted 2, 4 foot long wood shelves on the right hand wall where the wood was, fitted 3 new shelves on the back right and back wall and ran a 12v power supply from the light ring so I could run some funky lighting gadgets.

I have mounted more wooden panels on the walls so I could pin my designs im working on to and so on.

I've built a mount for the bench grinder so it now stands free of the work bench.

I've put some flooring in there, and a chair.

Also beefed up security, added 4 new latches to the door.

I will have to get in there and take some pictures when im back. Its being used by friends as i tooled it to the high heavens, and now you can strip and rebuild bikes, you can even rehone cylinders.

Pictures to come when i get back, a lot has happened in the last few months :lol:

If that doesnt serve as inspiration to do it yourself im cheap to hire for electrical and building purposes :lol:

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