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First bike. Possible concern. Help appreciated

Guest Flynnbob

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Hello there.

Ive bought my first bike its a Sym Jet Joyride 125 2003. Im having great fun with it but as i have no mechanical knowledge or experience of any kind i am trying to learn about the bike by watching videos and reading articles online. Today i was having a wee look at the inside of the bike and i noticed something at the bottom of the bike.

There are two tubes hanging from the belly of the bike(will attach pics) the one on the left im not sure what its attached to and the one on the right looks like it possibly goes into the carburetor? I also found a little piece of rubber tube in the vicinity of the bike one morning but did not think anything of it until now. Now im wondering if those two are supposed to be joined together? Hopefully the pics will make more sense.

Im basically asking if anyone knows whether i should be concerned about this or whether those tubes are normal?

I should mention it sometimes overheats if moving in slow traffic and sometimes cuts out at junctions/traffic lights but it just starts up again fine so ive not been too bothered about this as it doesnt happen too often. I have no clue whether these are connected at all.

Any advice or comments would be much appreciated.

Thank you



Those pesky tubes


The left tube


The right tube


The tube i found beside the bike

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Im not sure why but those pics have uploaded sideways. If you tilt your head to the left or tilt the pic to the right then thats the way they were supposed to be.

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Ah thats good then. To be honest im not sure that tube in the 4th pic fell off my bike. It was just lying beside where i park my bike. I just made a connection between them today but the tubing could have been there for ages i suppose.

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One will probably be a breather hose for the fuel tank. Not sure what the other one is for, one of the more mechanically capable on here will know 8-)

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Well the other one looks like it goes in the carburetor so that makes sense. They are both probably breathers?

Thanks for the comments guys.

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