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Deciding on a first used bike

Guest Lilienthal

<t>What bike would you get if you got the chance to start all over again?</t>  

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  1. 1. What bike would you get if you got the chance to start all over again?

    • Honda CB 600 S Hornet (1999) (Blue)
    • Honda CB 600 S Hornet (2001) (Grey)
    • Suzuki Bandit 650 (2006) (Grey)

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I've visited a few used motorcycle dealerships today and am now down to three bikes that fit my requirements and I'll have to make a decision tomorrow. I realise that I might not get a lot of response before then but figured I'd throw it out here anyway.

I'm looking for a "sport standard" bike with an upright riding position but a fairly sporty look which is why I've narrowed it down to the following:


Further details and pictures are available on the links. Sites are in Dutch but relevant data seems to be in the universal language that is the metric system. 8o) All bikes seem well maintained and come with a six-month full parts and labour guarantee from a reputable dealership.

I'm somewhat ashamed to say this but the CB 600 Hornet from 1999 is my current favourite simply because of the lovely blue colour. It really shouldn't be a factor but gunmetal grey isn't really my thing. Still, I'm concerned about the differences in the older model CB600. Apparently the front wheel is only 16" and this supposedly handles differently from 17" which I'm guessing is the standard. To be honest I can't tell from the pictures whether they front wheel is actually smaller. Could this have been modified with the 17" that was introduced in 2000? The Hornet S is newer and about 80 quid cheaper but has more miles on it. Additionally the Blue Hornet has two brand new tires while the S' are more worn. Is there a convincing reason to take the newer S model over the older blue one? (Looking at the pictures again I've realised that both are actually the faired S model.)

As for the Suzuki, I didn't get much time to sit on it but it seemed to be broader, heavier and less manoeuvrable. It comes with a top box but is also considerably more expensive. How would it fare against the Hornet?

I've got my temporary licence after six hours on an ER-6N which felt somewhat small. I'm looking for a bike that will see me through my first few months of riding and may be used for commuting and that I can use for my riding exam. After I get my permanent licence I may upgrade to a Kawasaki Versys depending on how happy I am with my used bike.

Apologies if this ran a bit long, I'd welcome any input that anyone with more experience (i.e. everyone) would be willing to offer.

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I've voted for the newest simply because it's the newest :D

Hornets and Bandits are a slightly different ride.

I'd say go for the one that feels right after a good long

ride but I know that's difficult to do.

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Welcome to the forum . I would go with what feels best but personally I prefer a little bit of wind protection on my bikes so I would go with at least a half fairing it does make a lot of difference.

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Just got back from the dealership holding the keys to my new 2000 Honda CB600FS Hornet. :mrgreen: The bike was registered and inspected in late '99 but is in fact the 2000 model. I had a short test ride with it as well and despite my almost nonextant experience it seemed to handle very well. I could tell right away that I'd have to be sure to remind myself to take it slow, because it accelerates very nicely. Tried to push to the redline but couldn't even get to 10000 RPM in first gear at 60 mph. 8-)

Now I just have to wait on the insurance and license plate to come through and I can go and drive it home. Thanks for your help everyone.

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I missed this earlier....but I'm glad you got the bike you are happy with...... 8-)

Welcome to TMBF by the way.....hope to hear how you get on once you collect the bike and get some miles under your belt...... 8-)

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