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how often should I service my bike?


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Hello all.

I'm a new rider (6months on a Yamaha YBR 125) and bought my first bike brand new. I just wanted to avoid mechanical issues as a first rider in case I get duped into purchasing something awful as well as the MOT and so on.

I do my regular checks - every 7 days (380miles est) - lube chain, clean, clutch, brake and tyre checks.

But OIL and a full good service from the mechanic is what im looking at here.

How often should i consider calling up to take my bike in? Or even, what bike and how often do you?

Im not fully experienced as of yet to take the bike apart and to get greasy with my own tools. I cant afford it and / or risk it. I will consider this when i get an upgraded bike and so on and will get stuck in then when i have a bike to play with.

If i take it in too, what kind of costs would i be looking at - I understand prices change depending on what the mechanic/dealer actually does to it.

Thanks all.

( the manual i have suggests a check up list every 3500 miles - but its vague and just a text book answer. )

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as the bike is brand new it will have warranty on it so take it to a main dealer to get it serviced as it says in the service/handbook that way you will keep the warranty other wise it will be void and you can not claim against yamaha in event of a fault arising

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