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Silly carb question..

Guest petrolhead1989

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Hi guys

Right, i normally know my way around a carb, But for some reason, The one on my bike is giving me some jipp..

BAsically, its been running rich, very black and sotty spark plug..

Top end revs the engine seams to bog down and have no power for a while, but then suddenly picks up with a bit of spluttering..

I have adjusted the needles on the carb, to have no help..

Basically, either needle i seam to adjust, never does it...

So, to be on the 100000% safe side...

Exactly what needle is the air/fuel mixture on this carb?

because like i said, no matter what needle i adjust, and no matter how much i adjust it all.. It doesnt seam to change much..



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not sure which of them might be the mixture needle have you checked the air filter to make ure its clean and have you had the cable out of the carb and changed the setting on the needle that goes down through the slide as that normally has 4 or 5 grooves on it and a circlip to set it with

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A better picture of the jets might help? If you can only see a screwdriver slot, screw it in while counting the turns, then screw it out to remove it and take a picture. Check O ring and seating of jet needle if it's a pilot jet. :mrgreen:

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