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Forgot to let the battery chill before charging it..


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Hi there everyone!

I bought a new battery for my speed triple today and forgot to wait to let the acid settle after topping it up.

It's adviced to let it rest for 30 min to an hour..what could this cause?

Also, is it possible to restore to good condition my dead battery with the optimate 3+ I have?

Feel so silly to have missed that step..

Thanks in advanced

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So what happened then?.....I would have thought that the worst that could happen is that the battery may not have reached it's full potential if you tried to charging it too soon......may just draw a bit more current than usual...... :)

The Optimate may recover your old battery.....but a lot depends on its condition.....if it's just a sulphated up the optimate should recover it.....but if it is badly sulphated and some of the plates are shorted out...then the optimate may not be able to restore it..... :wink:

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Thanks for the reply.

Will install new battery tomorrow morning, after a charge overnight.

Should be fine, maybe you're right will not have charged at its full potential..

Will try to plug the other battery overnight and try it.

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