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Full Moped Licence & The Theory Test

Guest mrdtrotter

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I have just ventured into the realms of 2 wheeled motors after learning that my 1996 driving licence covered me to ride a 50cc scooter with no need for CBT or L plates and still had the benefits of taking a pillion if I wanted, after riding my scooter for about 3 months I have decided to look at the next step namely a 125cc which is where I believe I need a CBT and L plates and theory test so I have started hunting the net for facts (there is a lot of guff around) so does anyone know the cold hard facts on 125cc licence requirements and L plates test etc, also something I fell across which left me curious was this quote from the DVLA website:

Laws RTA 1988 sects 97(e) & 101 & MV(DL)R regs 38(4) & 43

Note. For motorcycle and moped riders wishing to upgrade, the following give exemption from taking the motorcycle theory test

full A1 motorcycle licence

full moped licence, if gained after 1/7/96.

I got my car licence 11-10-96 which gives me a full moped licence, has anyone else come across this and am I right in thinking I won't need to do a theory test ?



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Might want to correct me if wrong, but I'm pretty sure a pre 1999 license still require L-plates for a 50cc...

Anyway aside that, to get on a 125, you will need to complete a CBT course. You will not need a theory and this will entitle you to ride a 125cc machine.

If you want to take it further and get your full licence, your options are full das which will entitle you to ride anything. Since you have a pretty old license, I'm going to assume you're over 24!

You need a CBT, theory mod1 and mod2. You will definitely need to complete your theory!

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cbt gives you learner entitlement...you can only ride up to a 125, and have to sport l plates, and cannot carry a pillion or use a motorway...but you wont need theory

if you proceed to test , you will need theory after the cbt before you can progress any further.

personally i thought the old style licence( which i also have ) meant you still needed a cbt for anything 2 wheeled...but i may be wrong there, as i went straight onto a 125 and therefore did have to do cbt

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If you passed the car test before 1st January 1997 (or 1998 ??)

you also got a full licence for a 50cc moped without any other tests or CBT

the groups were different back then A car, E moped


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Thanks littlecat, any driving licence obtained before the 1st February 2001 gives you full moped entitlement so no need to have L plates and your also fully covered for pillion passengers (as long as you add it to your insurance), only the case on A roads though not M roads, thanks for the reply but I will correct you klingelton :-) as you are wrong (and there is enough false information to wade through on line) SOOOoooo does anyone know anything about the quote copied from the DVLA website regarding the theory test and full moped licence or should I ring them :-)

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I'm going to hazard a guess that the above info is out of date as you have to do theory for every single category you take now!

but if your only wanting to ride up to a 125 just do a cbt and display L plates no need for the theory

if then you want to go bigger you can then do direct access and gain a full licence which means theory and tests and would cost around the same as doing a test for a 125 but you wont be restricted :)

theres no point doing a restricted test if you dont have to as sooner or later you will want bigger and you will have to shell out again for another test and theory!

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Ha yep quite right, it is good for a bit of practice round town though and cheap as chips....I have just spent a while on 3 phone calls to DVLA & then the Theory Test booking line and then the Practical Test booking line and there is no need for me to do a theory test, the information at the top of this thread is current from the DVLA !! In short I can go straight for Direct Access or Mod 1 (after CBT) without the need for any theory test !!

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That's a fair question Klingelton, it is a minefield most of it and getting consistent advice is hard work, even phoning up the Test centres in my area to book are (were) unaware of it, would be good to get some more comments on this to absolutely confirm it though as it still appears I am still out weighed by people who say No, as was the case for the need of a CBT and L plates on a 50cc, no bike rider I spoke to believed me, and most still don't, I have found though that saying I wouldn't of got insurance had I not met the right criteria tends to settle the confusion :-)

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Thanks for that Joeman, so reading this it says that the P currently on my licence will automatically change to AM when my licence next needs to go to DVLA and it appears that AM is all that is needed to qualify for the next stage such as direct access, I.E the AM is made up of

complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

pass a theory test

pass practical tests

This gives newly licenced younguns the AM that we older folk already have with our old mans rights on our licences' ?

Correct or not ? :shock:

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