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Pulled by Another biker.....


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Hello guy's today a fellow biker horned at me and kept at a distance as he was behind me, once we was at a stop in traffic he told me by rear brake light seem's to be constantly on, i pulled in to the side in a car park and thanked him a lot for letting me know.

Now I'm sure this won't be mechanical but this is questions regarding the rear brake light.

The bike is a Honda CBR125 And I'm a new rider, now this "break light" problem can be too thing's.

1) I'm either hitting the brake without noticing and this isn't good to do i think?

2) the lights are constantly on, you cannot turn them off what so ever, I've seen quite a few bikes recently and none i can tell have lights on whatsoever, why cant mine be turned off?

So which is more likely to be the cause? I'm in a mix between them both to be honest, but how can i make sure not to touch that back break? (i seem to use back brake ALOT more 70% more than front, is this bad?)

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Run the bike on the stand so the lights are on and then operate the back and front brakes to test if the brake lights are going on and off smoothly. If they are then you are probably riding with your foot on the brake, if not then Megawatt's suggestion sounds like the most likely problem.

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Hello, yes it seem's i'm accidentally hitting the back break now and again, currently been out tonight learning to put my feet to the side, which i am now slowly getting used to, just find it a little weird sometimes taking corners at 40-50MPH

Feel a little silly now sorry...

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Don't put your feet to the side! You may find that you come round a corner one day and catch your foot and could take it off!

Put the balls of your feet on the pegs see moo's post on the same thing

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I saw your post late last night Abraxix - I'm still getting used to a completely diff bike, tho Ollie thinks he does the same too, must be a common problem!


I doubt this is a common problem. A lever is something you use to make something happen ie. gear lever, clutch lever. Not something you should have pressure on all the time. Out of interest what are you doing with your other foot? Are you by the same flawed logic using the gear lever as an additional foot peg?

Different bike or not the controls are the same. I worry about your safety and fear that ultimately natural selection will resolve your apparent issues with biking.

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is the rear brake lever position not adjustable?

if it is, try adjusting it so that it is less horizontal. you may find that it will move out of the way a few mm and you find a position which is more suited to your prefered foot position. dont move it too far though, you dont want to run the risk of it having ground clearance issues on corners etc.

i have size 12 boots and restricted ankle movement so i often have to fine tune foot lever positions to suit me.

as with every aspect of bike maintenance/modification. if you dont know what you're doing, seek supervision/guidance.

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