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Bbc to lose rights to moto gp!


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this is not good news. to lose it from both Eurosport and BBC. i like steve parish and charly cox's commentary.

i like the sound of what BT intend to do with the coverage tho, interactive onboard cameras etc.

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I dont think it will work and they will loose popularity.

i live with two F1 fans and this year we paid the extra to get the F1 channel and its not that good. even they dont watch it that much. alot of the stuff is repeated and what isnt is just time filling drivel. the race is still watched as normal too so i dont see the point. its just showboating by the tv company.

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this is not good news. to lose it from both Eurosport and BBC. i like steve parish and charly cox's commentary.


Now that's something you don't hear too often, infact I think it's a first :)

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this is not good news. to lose it from both Eurosport and BBC. i like steve parish and charly cox's commentary.


Now that's something you don't hear too often, infact I think it's a first :)


lol. theyre better than the dull dull dull commentry that ruins Eurosport's gp coverage. its like listening to a flat cap wearing old duffer talking about what type of grease to use on his MG Midget's wishbone and that in 1972 the type of washers changed to mild steel zzzzzz....

if only jack and jamie could cover the moto gp as well as wsb and bsb.

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This is a disaster... I finally find sport I enjoy watching (used to like F1 in the Nigel Mansell days) and they take it away?!

I think the sport has slowly been gaining some popularity recently, but this will just kill any further growth, especially for passive fans.

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An update, and disappointing at that!



CableTV Virgin no word

http://www.motogp.co...ences from 2014

Dorna Sports announces today an agreement with BT Sport for the exclusive broadcast rights to the FIM MotoGP™ World Championship, starting from the 2014 season, to be shown across all its platforms in the UK and Ireland.

The five-year agreement will see MotoGP as premium programming in the

thrilling line-up of top sports on the new BT Sport channels. Motorcycle

racing’s premier Championship will be part of this exciting new venture

and will join other headline properties such as the Barclays Premier

League and Aviva Premiership Rugby.

MotoGP fans won’t miss a minute of the action as race weekends will be

covered in full starting from the free practices on the Friday and

including full coverage of Moto2 and Moto3 as well as the elite category


Coverage will be hosted on-site with additional studio coverage from BT

Sport’s state of the art facilities at the Olympic Park in Stratford,

East London.

BT Sport will create an exciting second screen experience, giving fans

the ability to see races from the riders' perspective and with more

interactive features showing off the most technologically advanced


This will give the UK audience a whole new MotoGP viewing experience, immersing them in every aspect of the Championship.

The MotoGP line-up will be further enhanced by additional motorcycle-related programming in between Grand Prix weekends.

BT Vision and YouView viewers will be able to catch up on any live

action they miss as BT Sport will make the programming available on

demand, on television and on digital.

BT Sport will be heading into the world of MotoGP at full throttle,

with extensive promotion across all media outlets including outdoor

advertising, newspapers and magazines, as well as cross-promotion during

its flagship football and rugby coverage.

Manel Arroyo, Dorna Sports Managing Director, commented: "We’re proud

that MotoGP will be part of such a huge and exciting project as BT

Sport. I’m sure that BT Sport will provide the in-depth coverage that

MotoGP deserves and in turn MotoGP will provide the sporting drama and

excitement to help launch BT Sport as a major player in the TV market.

Our new partnership comes at the perfect time, with British riders

flourishing in the Championship, and we look forward to our British fans

being able to follow every single minute of the action."

Simon Green, Head of BT Sport, said: "The agreement with MotoGP is

really exciting. We want BT Sport to offer a wide range of sports that

appeal to many different audiences and MotoGP is a thrilling sport with a

massive and committed fan base in the UK and Ireland. We believe

existing fans will be thrilled with our comprehensive coverage and how

we intend to develop the MotoGP brand and think we can also help the

sport win many new fans."

BT Sport will be available for free for BT Broadband users.



New channel BT Sport have this morning announced they have secured a

five-year deal for the rights to show MotoGP in Britain and it will be

free to existing BT Broadand customers.

In a presentation at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, Chief

Executive Gavin Patteron gave a brief outline of the deal which will see

BT Sport air every round of the series from the start of next season.

It will include all free practice sessions for the premier class, plus

Moto2 and Moto3.

It will be free to existing BT Broadband customers and £15 a month via

either the BT Youview box or Sky Digibox to those who aren't customers.

There hasn't as, yet, been any announcements about the commentary team

but rumours put Keith Huewen and Julian Ryder in the frame. The setup

will include on-site staff and a studio, plus a second-screen facility

which will host other feeds such as on-board cameras.

We are also awaiting a comment from Eurosport.

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£15 pound a month!!!!! fook that one for a game of soldiers. good job i dont pay as much attention to the gp as i do that other racing. will just have a look online the day after for results.

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I did a bit of research. you can sub to BT sports if you have sky or BT vision/broadband.

If you're a virgin customer (like myself) you're out of luck. I hope BT sort some kind of deal out with virgin and soon.

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oh and on top of that, this is exactly how anti-monopolies works against the consumer. sky are unlikely to drop the price of the sports package and if you want all premier league footy matches, you're going to need to subscribe to BT vision.

consider my piss boiled on this subject!

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so - the inevitable question. how do i get BT sport? do i now need to chuck £18 a month on a sports sub package on virgin or something?!

It's looking that way, we will find out as more info comes out.

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All Info here.


There is already a BT Sport channel on SKY - 413


Alternatively, add BT Sport to your Sky Digital Satellite Platform for £12 a month plus a one-off £15 activation fee. One month minimum term.

You won't pay any monthly charges until the channels launch on 1st August.


Won't be getting my money.

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