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removing oil filter bolt

Guest krisstoff

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Im trying to undo an oil filter bolt on a honda super dream engine ,just cannot get to move,engine is not in the frame at the moment,just rounded head of bolt after trying mole grips .From krisstoff

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Hmmm.....molegrips were probably not the best tool to use on it....they chew the soft alloy up too easily..... :shock:

One option would be to file some flats on the remains of the bolt to match a smaller spanner....that may be your best option.....and maybe use a little bit of heat around it while trying to undo it..... :wink:

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+1 with above.

If you have a filter which has a bolt on the end of it, what I would do (as I have the tools. If you dont have the tools, you cant, obviously) is get a slightly smaller snap on socket and a hammer. Hammer the socket on straight so it fits tightly, then attach the socket and go from there.

If it isnt too badly rounded off, it may be worth filing the edges down very slightly and putting the correct socket on with a hammer. Either way, you are going to need the correct tools for the job. I too have used mole grips for bolts and I know from experience, it doesnt end well!

If you have a filter which does not have a bolt on the end of it you can hammer a screw driver through the side of it, all the way through and twist it using the screw driver as a handle. This is a last resort though really. I did that with my bandit and it was hell of a difficult due to the headers and engine block being in the way, you have to be very careful not to go through your engine casings or anything else around the area. That is really the cowboys way of doing it, but it should work if nothing else does

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you might have to cut the filter housing up if heat doesnt work on it and you cant get a decent socket onto it anymore never use mole grips to undo bolts as the engine is on the floor it wold of been easier and cheaper to use a socket as now you have gotto replace filter bolt which knowing honda isnt cheap

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