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chipped paint repairs - how to?


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Hello everyone. So a few months back my bike had a little topple in the garage and landed on my push bike, luckily stopping it from falling all the way to the floor however taking a bit of a chunk out of the paint on the tank. (pictures below)

Im not very in the know when it comes to paint - people mention things like lacquer, primer, clear coat and paint. I only know what the paint part is. I've been to halfords and had some paint mixed up to the colour code (I was extremely suprised the bloke in halfords knew what he was doing, but thats another story)

so the scratch is on the underside of the tank so its not all that noticeable but id like to get it done now anyway - can someone tell me in a sort of step by step way how to go about this?

Can i just put the touch up paint into the chip or should i be sanding down/using a rubbing compound to clear away more and making it a smoother finish?

how long can i not ride the bike for so that the paint dries?

thanks for your help!



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I think you'd need some knifing stopper to fill the scratch.....then gently sand it smooth......then carefully spray the area with the paint you bought....rub it down with very fine sand paper.....and when it's smooth spray the area with clear laquer to seal it..... 8-)

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I have a similar issue, my fuel tank was left propped up when I was doing the CCT and when i left it someone walked by it and knocked it. The chip in paint isnt visible and I filled it in with nail polish which exactly matched the paint. But id like to sand it down and respray.

Let a pro deal with it!

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thanks for all the responses guys its much appreciated.

I wanted to use this as a starting point to learn how to do it myself, however looks like i should maybe start with something a little less complicated to complete! I will have a look round to see if anyone local can do this sort of thing for me.

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