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Upgrading indicators from bulbs to LEDs


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One of my rear indicators is knackered - it leaks and is getting increasingly rusty inside (I only just found out because the bulb went pop and I've just taken it to bits).

So for the meantime, I've put a cheap bulb in from Halfords, but I want to upgrade to superbright LED indicators.

The question is, can I just take the old indicators off and put LED ones straight on without any mods, or do I need to fit a different relay and resistor for each indicator?

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Never done it on a bike, but when my mate did it to his clio they were just straight replacements, no changes needed other than the bulb

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in the process of doing this to my R1. 4xLED indicators costs £16 and a relay was £12.

you can buy LED indicators with resistors already fitted but i chose to place my trust in a relay rather than a 2p resistor. personal choice.

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