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Cleaning products!

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I seem to be making a habit of making new topics, I do search before I post though!

I want to keep my bike in a nice shiny state and am lacking the appropriate tools and cleaners, what do you all use? I had a look around Halfords and picked up some more chain lube but the prices seemed rather high?

What I don't want to do is go with a brand just because it's very well known (i.e. Muck off) only to find there's something out there much cheaper but does exactly the same job.

So I guess what I'm asking for is a checklist of what you use so I can avoid unnecessary purchases? I'm also going to pick up a Hayne's service book off fleabay.

Thank youuuuu :)

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I tend to use Autoglym shampoo and Resin polish for the bodywork, Solvol Autosol on the chrome....and ACF50 on the other bits of exposed metalwork, engine cases, swingarm, wheels, etc....that works for me...... :wink:

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