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Bright Helmet

Guest theshrew

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Ive had a look at a few online stores and every fairly good std helmet seems to be black or white type or there or there abouts. The bright ones tend to be low end which I don't fancy shoving my head in.

Can anyone recommend a good ish helmet that's a bright colour


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Unless you go for a helmet with reflective material, white should be the most visible 'colour'. That's if it does make any difference at all, which is heavily debated.

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Check out the government SHARP web page.

All helmets for sale in the UK are tested on a 5 star rating scheme.

You'd be suprised how little you can pay for a 4 or 5 star helmet.

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I've got the Shoei GT Air in bright yellow. I have it one good authority when out on the road that I'm "unmissable" which can be taken either way, really.

At £399 it's not at the low end of the market, but it does fog up quite quickly when stopped at lights etc with the visor fully closed.

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