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Chain and sprocket set for Honda XR125 2005.


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Well the subject says it all, i'm looking to get a chain and sprocket set for my xr and I was wondering if somebody would be able to point me in the right direction, i've looked on ebay and there's obviously some very cheap stuff on there which I wouldn't know if I could get away with buying and also i've looked on http://www.wemoto.com/bikes/honda/xr_125_l4_l5/04-05/

Also, as a rookie mechanic I know how to fit a chain but is the front and rear sprocket going to be a very simple case of bolts out, sprocket in, bolts back in or is it more technical than that?


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have a look for some videos on youtube, its simple enough to do, though getting the front sprocket off can be an utter pain in the ar$e sometimes :wink:

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Front sprocket is 2 bolts and a retainer!

So unscrew, and move the retainer around a bit so it fits inbetween the splines of the output shaft.

Remove sprocket

Put new one on

Put retainer and bolts back on but do NOT tighten those bolts too much, just as the bolt head nearly touches the sprocket give it half a turn and stop.

Rear sprocket is just bolts off, bolts on affair

Hope that helps :thumb:

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Ah nice thanks I feel confident enough i'll be able to do that no problems then.

Does anyone have any input on buying the chain and sprocket set though?

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Ah yeah thanks a lot, I went on wemoto got the chain/sprocket set for £50, just waiting for my paddock stand to come and i'll be attempting the fix. Wish me luck that I manage to realign the rear wheel and brake calipers etc haha.

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