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Current price of bikes


<t>Buy now or later</t>  

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  1. 1. Buy now or later

    • Buy now, it's summer and there's riding to be done!
    • Buy later and get that street triple you've been coveting.

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so I'm starting to ramp up my efforts in a bid to find my new steed of 2013. I've been looking (out of interest) for some time at the price of second hand bikes and in the last month, machines that would have cost 2300 are now costing 3000 and those that were 3000 are now 4000!

I get that it's summer and people are out buying new bikes, but really. Am i really going to drop an extra £1000 on a bike just because it's summer? The yorkshire in me is saying "hold out till september and buy a street triple" but the speed freak in me says "BUY NOW!"

which would you do?

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None of the above, just keep looking for something that's the right price.

What I've noticed when I buy bikes or cars is that "Sod's Law" applies. This means when your not quite ready to buy and are just looking there seems to be loads you'd be interested in, and yet when you are ready you can't find a single one at the right price.

Best tip I can give you to get the best price is (obviously try ebay etc...) but try typing the bike and model in to google including the words "for sale" and then start looking from page 3 onwards. It takes effort and time but you'll find the little dealers whose websites are low in the rankings but also have some great deals.

Alternatively, open up google maps to the size of area your prepared to travel and just type "motorcycle dealers", and then go straight to their websites.

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Just because it's summer and people think they can add 50% to the price, doesn't mean they can. If I was looking at bikes a couple of weeks ago and they suddenly went up in price, I would be offering the original 2k for the ones that are advertised now at 3k. People know they are being greedy.

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if you have the money, get it now but haggle on it.

If you don't have the money, then don't. Simple as.

As for prices going up, Ive had my eye on ebay for months and the bike I want doesnt seem to be going up in price at all.

Also, keep an eye on insurance prices. They fluctuate for no apparent reason. I have seen it go up by £100 over night on comparison sites. A bit like house prices really...

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do you know - the best indicator as to what the price of a bike should be is ebay - that is what people are actually paying. I'd completely forgotten that until mentioned here. I'm going on ebay! maybe there's a street triple with my name on it (and it's cheap!)

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How much do you actually want to pay, because I've found quite a few within a few minutes between £1999-£2500?

Here are the details if your interested

£2300 - gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/triumph-speed-triple/1020611274

£2200 - gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/triumph-speed-triple-t509/1020953973

£1999 - gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/triumph-daytona-speed-triple-one-off-custom-not-a-fazer-firestorm-bandit-sv/1020208754

£2195 - gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/triumph-t509-speed-triple/1020201900

£1999 - ukbike.com/pulborough/triumph-speed-triple-955i/sn7052205/

£1950 - ukbike.com/doncaster/triumph-speed/kv0178082/

£2010 - ukbike.com/grimsby/triumph-street-triple-street/sn6812127/

Gumtree has about 20 or so listed at under £2500.

The last one in the list above was listed yesterday.

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Look on Gumtree as well, could bet there are a good few cheap bikes on there. But than winter time the time of the year shouldn't have an affect on the price of the bike, as Matty said the seller is being too greedy by upping the price an extra 50%. If they really want to get rid of the bike they would put the price down and not up :D

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That ukbike one that was listed yesterday is 5200, dodgy dealer putting a low price to get you to look...


I hate it when they do that, or with cars they list the mileage as say 105 so when you do a search for less than 100,000 miles it comes up.

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Anything will only fetch what someone is prepared to pay for it......but it's a known fact that bike prices go up in the summer......it's all about supply and demand......fewer bikes for sale in the summer and more people want them......it's just the way it is!!

Unfortunately for OP the Street Triples really hold their value.....so I wouldn't expect to see many below the £4000 mark...... :wink:

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