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Fitting new igntion coils


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Looking for some advice on fitting new ignition coils to a suzuki gsx 600f

I have bought a new set of aftermarket coils and I am struggling to get the end caps, I have replaced coils before but with a used set and the end caps went on no problem.

But with this new set the hole at the end of the coil lead has not been made, I have tried just pushing the end cap on but will not go on fully.

Do i need to use a screwdriver etc to make a long enough hole to reach the pin in the end cap ?

Thanks james

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Erm....which end caps are you talking about? If you're talking about the Plug caps....they normally screw onto the end of the plug leads as the pin in the plug cap is normally threaded...... :wink:

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yes tango, i am talking about the caps that connect to the HT leads.

Mine do not screw on it is just push on connection, however the new leads on the new coils have no hole at the end to push onto the connector inside the plug caps.

The inside if the ht leads is similar to a tv aerial, a white hard inside with metal strands inside that.

I have tried to fimrly push on the plug ends to pierce the end of the new leads, but the white inside is too hard and i do not want to force it an harder and break the connection inside the plug end.

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That's strange mate.....as I say, all the plug caps I've ever had always screwed onto the HT leads.....so I'm not sure how these will fit..... :? Just push fitting don't sound that secure to me..... :shock:

Maybe consider replacing the plug caps with some NGK ones?

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