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CBR600f supersport


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Hey guys just had my bike ticking over in garden with a little bit of choke as its not run for ages. Noticed that the temp was very high. Am new to bikes so not sure if this is normal?

The bike is an old one 89 i believe. teh baffles have been taken out so not sure if that has anything todo with it.

I am gonna be giving it a full service when i come to start using it so am hoping this helps.

Any advise would be good cheers

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Did the high temp warning light come on? .......and did the fan come on?......and did the temp actually start dropping if the fan came on?

If the warning light didn't come on and the fan kicked in and the temp dropped a bit that'll be quite normal.....although, checking the coolant level may be a good idea anyway......and if you're gonna service the bike I'd be inclined to drain the coolant and replace it with fresh anyway....... :wink:

My bike gets pretty hot quickly....but the fan kicks in and drops it down a bit....then the fan drops out for a bit.....and the cycle repeats until I get moving above 30mph again...... :wink:

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as above really

I wouldnt be too worried until you start riding it if it does it while been ridden and doesnt cool down with the air flow you have a problem

all bikes will get hot when left to idle

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same as everyone else,might want to give the radiator a flush out anyway if its an old one. my cb500s getting on andwhen i flushed it , it had two different coolents in there lol! bit of gunk too guess from corrosion over the years. check all your coolent pipes too for leaks,blockages.

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