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hard to start and wont idle when warm


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my 95 gpx250 will start and idle no problem when cold but take it for a 5-10 mins run i have to work at the throttle to keep it running at traffic lights ect.then when i stop it,its hard to start it again.turns over for a good while until it starts.whats the first thing i should look at?valve clearance?carb?any ideas?

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take the plugs out and test for good spark...if ok could be fuel blockage...take carb bowls off and clean em out if so

could be a couple of things but generally looking at your plugs is a good place to start i would say..oh also air filter as suggested

have a nice day!!!


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Can also be a sign of worn Piston rings..

AS the engine gets hot and the cylinder expands, worn rings wont expand all that much to keep the compression.

Thus, making it a b'tard to start when warm..

Cold is fine because the cylinder has contracted around the rings..

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