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Speedo Healer Installation GSX-R600


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After reducing the gearing on my bike, my speedo was displaying a much faster speed than i was actually traveling at and the bike's millage was increasing at an alarming rate!!

So i decided to install a "speedohealer" to correct the speed shown on the speedo.

The speedo healer works by intercepting the signal from the magnetic speed sensor on the front sprocket, and based on the calibration settings, it reduces the frequency of the pulses sent to the bike's speedo, thus allowing the speedo to read the correct road speed.

The speedo healer comes in two packs, one containing the main unit, remote cable, some stickers and cable ties and instructions. The second packet contains the bike specific harness to wire it all in. When you order the speedohealer, you need to make sure you order the correct wiring kit for your bike!


The unit is pretty small, probably a bit bigger than a match box:


Installation is pretty simple, just remove the seat (two bolts) lift the tank (1bolt) and prop it up to allow access to the wiring.

I also removed the tail unit, but there wasn't really a need as i ended up installing the speedohealer in the space under my pillion seat cover.


The speed sensor is located on the left hand side of the engine, just above the front sprocket cover. I traced the wires back and unplugged from the bikes wiring loom.

I then connected the Y-shaped cable between the speedo healer and the bike's wiring loom, and ran the long cable past the battery, under the seat and into the space under the pillion seat cover to connect with the Speedo Healer main unit.

To allow easy future access, i located my speedohealer under my pilionseat... its stuck on with Velcro (supplied).


Theres a second cable connected that runs up to the handlebars. This second cable has a button on the end, and when you press the button your highest speed is displayed on the speedo.. (bit of a gimmick really)

Once the unit was installed, there was the final matter of calibration. The instructions include a couple of methods for calculating the calibrations figures. In my case my speedo was over-reading by 15.4% so i needed to program "-15.4%" into the unit to correct my speedo reading.

And that was it!! very simple to install, simple to calibrate. lets hope it works!!! :)

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Good info Joe....... 8-)

Although.....if you had a Triumph you could get into the ECU with a free program called TuneECU and apply an offset to the speedo signal to correct it for different gearing.......just saying....... :wink: :lol: :lol:

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