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Another glove question, 'Knox Handroid'

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Started looking at the massive choice in gloves today (and that's just summer/sport style gloves)

I've fallen in love with the Knox Handroid's :love:

But are they any good?

Most reviews are very favourable, but the odd niggle on stitching quality has reared its head, and one review mentions the white leather dye as actually rubbing off onto the handlebar grips!

These comments, to be fair are on earlier gloves; they have been out a while now and should have got over any teething problems.

So my question is, do any of you guys/gals own these gloves, or indeed know anybody who owns them?

before I spend £150 on a pair :shock:

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I've been druullling on this babies since they came out and got featured on a magazine,

really lovely and the extra finger protection you get is really great and protects them from breaking.

Very good leather ect and tension for the grip (tighthness) so they are more comfortable, and are further longer to keep them on for when you do actualyl crash or something.

Still havnt got a pear yet but will one day :)

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i have a pair, size medium. they are rather tight on me as i am a large, but i use them when its really hot as they breathe nicely.

they feel great and the tightening system on the wrist works well and quickly.

obviously buy the correct size glove, as mediums aren't usually that tight on me.

The cheeky #1 on the index fingers is fun too. heh

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