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Cheap clothing set

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Hi, I'm new to bikes and I'm looking for my first set of cloths. I'm looking for a jacket and pants that zip together. I'm 5'7", a bit top heavy :) so the jacket would be size large and pants in medium. I don't want to spend too much for the first set. I'll probably trash it anyway.

I found this set:

http://shop.polepositionint.com/clothin ... rproof-set

Did anyone here used those? Can you recommend a good value for money set?

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My recommendation would be to look at the specs. You want a Cordura outer with as high a rating as possible, so 500 is fine. That just means thicker material which is more abrasion resistant. Then you want armour that is CE rated, which it is.

If you do go for that suit check it thoroughly on delivery and make sure all the seems are well sown and there are no faults. It may be cheap because it was made in a hurry in a Bangladeshi sweat shop with little quality control.

I would also recommend that you get freezer bags and put them in your pockets and your wallet etc in them. IME there is no such thing as a waterproof pocket, especially in a cheaper suit.

I would also assume it is drizzle and not water proof. So depending on if you are a fair weather rider or not, consider a water proof over suit such as the unlined stuff from Weise

http://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcy ... nt_cat/274

or Spada

http://www.spadaclothing.co.uk/products ... at=7&cat=2

and get a size bigger than your other kit to put over the top.

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I ended up getting a mismatched set from Spada. The jacket is from Energy range and trousers are from Mito range. Not big on features but looks good and the padding is reassuring :D. I paid just under £170 in total at a local garage/store.

The unexpected feature is a allround zipper in both garments. Surprisingly they don't match. Even stranger is that the zipper in the trousers wich are size large is shorter than zipper in the jacket wich is size medium (again not the sizes I would have bought online). Fortunately the zipper in the jacket will be easy to replace.

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