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Silly money ...


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XmrsIS and I are moving home. We were toying with the idea of moving to London and her changing jobs (she'd get 20% more in London for what she does), rather than staying in Aaam'shur.

Anyway, the home we are looking at buying in Aaam'shur is a very nice 4-bed, in a nice quiet leafy low-crime-rate area, with own driveway and garage and a 60ft garden, a stone's throw from the local woodland and common.

Now here's the insanity ... the same money, in an area of London similar in niceness to the one we're looking at in Aaam'shur, would buy us ... wait for it ... drum roll ... a BEDSIT. I shit ye not. A f**king bedsit. Crazy. What the hell has happened to the housing marking in the last few years?!! London has always been expensive ... but not THAT bloody expensive!

So that's that idea of moving to London in the bin! You can keep your stupidly expensive bedsits and shove 'em!

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I've worked in London for the last few years.

If you stick to the City (where i work) its a great place, but if you venture out into the deprived suburbs, its like a ghetto.

That's why i moved well outside of London, because unless you have a couple of million quid to spend, you cant buy a house with a garage in an area worth living in!

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