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Bank Notes


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This is very general 'general chat' but some of you may know the answer to this.

Basically, I got home from a night shift today and my cash wages were waiting to be picked up. Picked them up and went home. Then, half asleep, I decided to tear the envelope near the end, rather than open it properly. As a result, about 15 per cent of all my cash has been torn. The majority of the note remains (half the head on the end gone).

As a result, I was wondering what to do now? I have been told that you can't tape cash anymore, and there seems to be a lengthy online form filling option also. Bearing in mind the majority of all notes remain, and the tear will be identical on the notes to my wage slip, do you reckon my bank would allow me to take it in and exchange it?

Thanks Folks.

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I would just tape it.

As for taking it to the bank. Only one way to find out, just make sure you get up early today :D

EDIT: You could always ask at a PO. Imagine they would know what to do...

EDIT 2: A quick Google..... http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/sho ... 204&page=1

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Thanks for the help.

I decided to take it to the bank, and at Santander, this is what they do.

If they have both halves, then they will take it. You can't just swap it, but you can pay it in and take it streight back out your account again. (Same thing so why that is any different not quite sure)

If it is burnt, or wet and unreadable, or in more than 2 pieces, or the tear has gone through the number, then you need to send it in to the government place and do the form and everything.

May be different at other banks, but luckily sorted at santander anyway.

So, there it is for anyone who has a similar situation.

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