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Honda CG 125 won't start, both front indicators flashing

Guest jd120

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Hello everyone,

I'm new here, so if i make any silly mistakes, let me know.

Just bought a 1991 Honda cg 125, started fine yesterday, now refusing to start. It is kick start only. I have checked the spark plug, which looks ok, there is a full tank of fuel and the fuel tap is on. There is no kill switch.

The right hand indicators work fine, but when I indicate left, both front indicators come on, with the back one working normally.

I would be grateful for any ideas



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Hi JD......and welcome to the Forum....... 8-)

Pop over to the Newbies section and introduce yourself to the rest of the gang on here...... :wink:

OK......is the choke on?......these are pretty simple bikes....so troubleshooting it should be simple enough..... :wink: The 2 front indicators coming on at the same time is either a wiring problem or an earthing problem......so check the earth connections around the bike.....particularly where the battery negative terminal goes to the chassis...... :wink:

The non-starting will either be no fuel getting into the combustion chamber, no or weak spark or lack of compression..... but firstly check the position of the choke.......:wink:

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The choke lever is fully down, which looks like it is off. Have tried with it on, but no luck either.

I can't see any obviously corroded earth terminals, but the battery doesn't seem to connect to one, it looks like it goes straight to the headlamp casing, unless it loops back on itself.

I took out the spark plug and held it against the engine whilst kicking, and the spark looked very weak, which might mean something to you.

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the battery will connect to earth is it a 6 volt or 12 volt system ( count the number of caps on top of battery 3 is 6 volt,6 is 12 volt),as the wires might be sealed from battery and going into a plug in loom check condition of connector there and normally black wires are earth on a bike look around wihere the wires are behind the side panel and see if there is any wires connected to a bolt on frame somewhere

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what colour is the spark plug? Was it wet when you took it out? the bike won't start with choke fully on in this weather. try half way, in fact it should start with no choke in this heat.

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