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Applied for Bike license, not sure what I have

Guest ShocK

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I have a full car driving license, passed 1996 (ridden mopeds and 125s between 1981 - 1986? ish until license revoked for not passing CBT within 2 years; not sure if this is relevant) Recently applied for 125 bikes to be added to my license with the intention of taking the CBT and getting back on a bike.

The new license, paper and ID card has these details on it:


Does this entitle me to ride a 125 after CBT? I thought I needed A1?

On the paper part of the license under Provisional entitlement I have A and GH

Bit confused here :? Anyone shed any light? Cheers.

btw: Just found this forum, great site :)

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Are you sure you have "A" on your licence? - that would be a full bike licence

I have an A on the paper license, A on the front of the plastic ID thingy - on the back though I have dates by the A but in column 12 I have 79(tri), not 44(6), 01. Is that the anomaly?

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the older licenses had different group letters

A was manual car

B was automatic car

there's a thread on here somewhere with a scan of my old licence showing the groups

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Ahh I see, thing is though is the leaflet that came with it explains all the letters with what they mean now, I got a feeling this is a cock up by the DVLA - I've been planning CBT, 125, direct access test and full license.

Now I'm starting to think I have a full bike license limited to a trike under a certain power (which might include a 125 bike?) Might be best to ring DVLA up, although another part of me says keep ya mouth shut and take the license if it is a full license :wink:

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Has to be down to what the bit in column 12 means then, I have 79(tri), not 44(6), 01 like it is on this image

Ok thanks, I'll phone DVLA up and ask.


we had this before - read this thread:


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Thanks yeah, that link confirmed what the DVLA just told me on the phone. If you apply/renew your license and tick the box for motorbikes, you get an A for a full license with the restrictions on it in the last column on the back of the license ID, in my case, restricted to a trike. I presume 44 would mean only in the UK (like in the image)

First glance though and It's fairly easy to think you have a full bike license as it says A on the front of the ID, no asterisk or anything to say with limits.

Cheers all.

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